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Hello, and welcome to the Supertones section of my site. Here you will find Tabs and some Real Audio filez. If you have any filez that you would like to submit,  email  me and I'll put 'em up. If you have a problem with me having this stuff on my page because of copyrights, please tell me and we'll work something out. L8ER.

                                    Tabs 'N' Stuff
 Resolution   Shut Up and Play 

                                   Real Audio Filez
 Supertones Strike Back   Unite 
 Shut Up and Play   Perseverance Of The Saints 

The only way you can listen to theez filez is if you have Real Player. You can download Real Player from  here.

That's all for now. Please send in all of the filez that you have that are not on this page. To get back to my home page click  here.