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This is Me.

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Welcome to my dawg house!

A door; Actual size=180 pixels wide

This is poor old lonely single me.

Hello everyone! My name is Blake, and you have just found probably the coolest person on the planet. I'm glad you could stop by. Kick your shoes off, relax, and enjoy my site. Ya heard me?!

That's me over there on the left. This pic isn't too good, but it's the best I got right now. I'm 19, I go to college here in Albany, GA. I play guitar, bass, drums, baseball, basketball, and any other sports I can show off in.

My Stats:

I'm 5'8"-5'9" 150 lbs Hazel eyes Brown Hair Fav. Color=blue

These are just some little stats about me. I'm gonna add more stuff later, but I'm tired, and I want to finish this.


This is my best friend Tripp outside the Civic Center at one of my concerts. He's single too ladies so contact me, and I'll hook you up. He's almost as sweet as me so he should do just fine. You can e-mail him at