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Welcome to my page dedicated to Third Day. My friend Christina bought me their CD for my birthday and I absolutely fell in love with it. Many of their songs have been hard to find during my travels on the net but finally I have gathered a large enough collection to feature them on my site. I haven't found any Real Audio filez on Third Day but if you have some or if you know where I can get some, please  e-mail me at If you have a problem due to copyrights or anything legal like that, I just ask that you please tell me before you shut my site down or whatever. Well, I think that I've babbled enough. Here are all of the tabs that I have found. God Bless!
 Blackbird  Awesome!!!!  Did You Mean It?  Awesome!!!
 Consuming Fire  Awesome!!!  Forever  Awesome!!!
 Holy Spirit Awesome!!!  I Deserve  Awesome!!!
 Livin' For Jesus  Awesome!!!  Love Song  Awesome!!!
 Mama  Awesome!!!  Nothing At All  Awesome!!!
 Praise Song  Awesome!!!  Take My Life  Awesome!!!
 Thief  Awesome!!!  Who I Am  Awesome!!!

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