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Yep, you found it. This is my links page. These are all of my favorite links. If you would like to sumit a link, just  tell me. If you are offended that I don't have your link, get over it. If you ask me to put it up and if it is worthy enough to be on my page, I'll add your link. Okay, here are the links.
 Spyda's Page: Christian ICQ Group  Spinner's Page: Great Help Page.
 Samantha's Page: Kewl Page.  Nouveaux's Page: This page Kicks! : Lots of hard work here.  Nate's Page: Christian Teens Network
 CWI :Great Christian Webring  Tribnnews : Bible Prophecy
 CFree's Page: It's a good page.  Holly's Page :My favorite page.

 That's about it. Come back soon because I'm sure there will be more links soon. To get back to my page,  click here.  L8ER.


                   This is The Man telling you that Racism really Bites! Give it up!