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If you don't get saved, you go to Hell!! Please hurry and scroll down!

Thank you for coming. This is a place where you can recieve eternal life. It is very easy to do because all you have to do is accept Jesus Christ. Listed is how to get your place in Heaven!!!!

Just pray this....If you don't know how to pray just say this out loud and mean it.

Dear Jesus, forgive me of my sins. I know I am a sinner and I want you to be Lord of my life.I recognize that you died on the cross, rose from the dead on the third day after he died, and that you live today in Heaven. I understand that I now have my name writtenin Heaven. Thank you Jesus for saving me and forgiving me of my sins. Amen.

If you said this prayer I can now tell you without fear of contradiction that you are now saved and have your own place in Heaven. Now, go tell someone that you just got saved and find you a good church that proclaims the name of Jesus. To find a good one interview the pastor and ask him if he believes in Jesus and that Jesus is the son of God. Then join the church if everything works out. If you need advice or anything like that PLEASE e-mail me and I will help you. My e-mail address is Again, I tell you to Please email me if you have any questions..I'm here to help...God Bless You!!!!

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