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Hello, This is my page dedicated to DC Talk. Here you will find a lot of tabs and as many Real Audio filez that I can find. Please feel free to send in any tabs or Real Audio filez that are not on here. If you have a problem with the stuff that is on my page because of copyrights, please tell me and I will take them off of my page. Okay, enough of that formal stuff, and on with the show!

                                                      Tabs 'N' Stuff
 So Help Me God   Day By Day   What Have We Become? 
 Colored People   Between You and Me   Mind's Eye 
 Jesus Freak   Like It Love It Need It   Supertones 
 What If I Stumble   In The Light   Back to Home Page 

That's all I have for now. Send me some Real Audio filez and I'll put them up. I haven't found any for myself but maybe I will soon. Click  here  to go back to my home page.